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Located at one end of the series of heritage sites and historic monuments Badami is a place where the heritage traveller can revel. The Bhutnatha group of temples, Mahakuta group of temples and world heritage sites of Pattadakal and Aihole there is lots for the heritage traveller to see in and around Badami!
Celebrated as the land of caves, Badami is famous for its well preserved cave temples. The set of four cave temples of Badami overlooking the Agasthya theertha were built between the 6th and the 8th centuary. The fourth cave or the Jaina cave temple in Badami is believed to be the most recent which was built in the 8th centuary. The third cave dedicated to Vishnu is the largest of the four and has the most intricate carvings amongst the cave temples in Badami.
Located along the Malaprabha River in the Bagalkot district Aihole is located close to Badami and Pattadakal. Aihole has 125 temples divided into 22 groups. The main temple groups at Aihole are Kontigudi group with 3 temples and Galaganatha group of temples with as many as 30 temples. Durga temple is amongst the best known of the Aihole temples and also most photographed temples in Aihole. The names of the temples are based on recent usage, and do not reflect their original dedications.
Museum of the Plains & Sculpture Gallery

Museum of the Plains & Sculpture Gallery is located very close to Badami cave temples. The Archaeological Survey of India maintains the museum. One can see rarely found scriptures and sculptures of the ancient period in the museum
Pattadakal - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Pattadakal is a small village located between Aihole and Badami. Pattadakal is about 20 kms from Aihole. Pattadakal has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Pattadakal has ten major temples and the best known amongst the temples in Pattadakal is the Virupaksha temple. Pattadakal celebrates an annual three day dance and music festival - Chalukya Utsava.
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