Around Maravanthe Beach..
Around Maravanthe..

The Souparnika river running parallel to the Maravanthe beach imparts it a charm unique to it. The river is believed to be medicinal in nature. A boat ride on the river can be quite fun during a trip to Maravanthe. he Gangolii estuary complex with its mangroves is a fragile ecosystem however worth a visit if you are interested in bird watching!
There is lots to see in and around Maravanthe beach. Flanked by the famous Murudeshwara beach on the northern side and lesser known Kodi beach with a light house to the south one can certainly do some beach hopping during a holiday in Maravanthe. Apaty from the beaches there are a few temples worth visiting like the Mekekattu Nadhikeshwara Temple, Siddhivinayaka temple etc. Ottinere famed as a sunset point is also worth visiting during a trip to Maravanthe.
Kodi Beach..

About 20 Kms from Maravanthe and near Kundapur is the Kodi beach with a lighthouse. Visited by very few this beach is where you need to head if you want to be left alone and enjoy the panoramic view from atop the light house.
Udupi just over an hours drive away from Maravanthe is famous for the Shri Krishna Temple. One amongst the seven Mukti Stalas this temple is believed to be created by Lord Parashurama. Udupi Sri Krishna Temple is highly revered by both Kurubas and Vaishnavites. The tradition of worshipping the diety through a window is a unique feature of this temple. The diety is worshipped only through a window with nine holes called the Navagraha Kitiki. The window is exquisitely carved and silver-plated.

About 50 kms north of Maravanthe is the famous Murudeshwara beach with a 123 feet high Shiva statue and temple towering upon the entire region. Two life-size elephants in concrete stand guard at the steps leading to the temple. As one ascends the hillock, there is a shrine of Jattiga seated on a horse. Behind the Temple, there is a huge fort - the Murudeshwara Fort
Hattiyangadi Siddivinayak Temple
Maravanthe Beach
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