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Located near the New Mangalore Port Trust the Tannibhavi beach is in fact a property of the port trust. New Mangalore Port which was officially opened on 11th January, 1975 is worth a visit during a trip to Tannirbhavi. Entry fee to the port is Rs 2 per head and additional charges for photography. Sulthan Battery across the border is also worth a visit which is a watch tower built by Tipu Sulthan. The watchtower was built with stones of churches destroyed by Tipu Sulthan..

A property of Mangalore port trust Tannirbhavi beach is located about 12 kms from the Mangalore town. A secluded beach Tannirbhavi beach is a great place to watch the sun go down. A far less visited beach in Mangalore Tannirbhavi is the place to head to in Mangalore if you want to get away for an evening!
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Gokarnatheshwara Temple
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Holidays in Tannirbhavi..

Tannirbhavi in itself is not a holiday destination however a great place to visit during your stay in Mangalore and beach hopping in Mangalore. There are a few more beaches near Tannirbhavi.

Tannirbhavi is not a safe beach for swimming.
Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple

Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple is the only temple in Karnataka built by Sri Narayana Guru the social reformer from Kerala. Built for the billava community, who were prohibited from entering other temples, Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple has lord Shiva as the main diety. Smaller temples for the navagraha, annapoorneswari, mahaganapathi, subramanya, shaneeshwara and anandabhairava are located around the main temple.
Kadri Kambala

An Annual Buffalo race, the Kadri Kambala is held at Kadri Guthu in Mangalore close to the Kadri Temple. The Buffaloes are specifically bred for the race, and are heavier & larger than the regular ones.  Various events such as 'Tug of war' is clubbed along with the main event of the buffalo race. Teams from all over the state participate in the event.
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